Our Approach    |    Team

And passion has led us here to creating THE ACCUMULUS APROACH.
We can be your very own Finance & Wealth Coach. Let us Craft and Curate Your Personal Financial Health Plan that is agile for your evolving needs and utilises your wealth to then free up your time to focus on what you love most in life. We believe that Financial Planning and Investment Management should be clear, concise, and meet your unique needs.

We give more than just Pensions and Investments advice.

Our speciality is building financial plans that meet your every need. We will ask the difficult questions to help you identify what is really important to You.

We offer Fee Transparency

We provide a transparent, concise fee structure, so you know exactly what you will pay and for what service.

We believe in our Fiduciary Duty

Your needs come first – ahead of anything else, we are one of the few Certified Financial Planning firms to offer this.

We keep it simple

You deserve simple jargon free advice, that’s easy to understand and actionable. Our goal is to empower you to make the best Financial decisions for you.

We are here to help you as your goals change

Your life and goals will change over time, we are here to help guide you in the right direction, no matter what that is.

Our Process

Here’s what it looks like for us to work together so you can get your custom-crafted financial plan, created by a Certified Financial Planner

Step 1. Breaking the Ice

We believe that you should only commit to working with a financial planner once you get to know them. That is what our Ice breaker call is all about. It’s a chance to have a casual conversation about what you want to achieve and how financial planning can help you.

Step 2. Getting Organised

Once you become an Accumulus client the financial planning process starts. We will gather information to understand and clarify where you are now and how this helps you achieve your goals.

Step 3. Crafting Your plan

Your Financial Plan will be custom crafted to your unique goals, values. We will crunch the numbers to provide you with a comprehensive path to Financial Freedom to suit your personal situation.

Step 4. Designing the Blueprint

Any building blueprint serves as a model or guide to allow the construction of a hand-crafted structure. In the same way your plan is a financial blueprint looks at the specific strategic actions required to reach your goals. Togther we will work through your plan, answer all your questions, and provide the guidance at every turn.

Step 5. Embarking on Your journey

You are not alone; we will act as your Financial Coach and be with you at every point on your journey to help you with your to do list. We will hold you accountable and empower you to make the correct decisions for you.

Step 6. Following Your Blueprint

Our regularly scheduled review meetings make sure that you are following the blueprint. Ensuring that you are tracking in the right direction toward achieving your goals.