We work together with you, to provide you and your family with Financial Life Planning Services, or as-you need it financial advice, that’s appropriate for you. Whether you need ongoing support, accountability, strategies, and advice, or you just have one big problem you want a solution for, The Accumulus Approach can show you the way forward to a financial life that feels good and leaves you feeling confident about your future.


Our clients come to us seeking solutions to a wide range of financial challenges and questions. Here’s what we can help you navigate:

  • Correcting any problems or issues that might be anchoring you in place and preventing you from making progress now.
  • Strategies to help you identify your goals and action steps to work toward them.
  • Planning for the future – whether that is something you want to accomplish in 5 years or it’s your retirement in a few decades.
  • Practical financial to-dos, like answering all your questions and addressing concerns along with making sure you have the right accounts, strategies, policies, and savings plans in place.
  • Maximizing your tax efficiency, and other financial priorities as you need them (like estate planning, saving for college, and more).
  • Whilst always working with your existing advisors if required, to achieve the best results possible for you.

Our Services


As part of our process, we’ll cover:

Financial wellness

This is the state of your cash flow, how you manage debt (and how to get out of it), your net worth and what’s available for emergencies, as well as life planning for your goals.

Your Investment Goals

We will help you figure out the best way to invest your money for the long-term to grow real wealth for the life you want.

Your Protection Needs

We want to make sure you, your assets your stuff, and your family are all protected. You work too hard to leave these areas of life vulnerable and we work with you to determine the proper amount of coverage for your needs.

Retirement and Financial Freedom

We will make sure you are on track for your future retirement while helping you achieve today’s goals, too.

Everything Else

Including education planning, tax management, and estate planning – along with whatever else comes up as you navigate toward financial success.